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La Sala has two connected but separate rooms each with 2 single beds, but can accommodate an extra bed in each room to sleep 6 people in total. It has a private toilet and double shower.

All the space in the house can be divided into two separate sections, with access from two different streets: Angel Guimera Street is the original entrance but access from Dr March Street has a more modern feel and offers an elevator service for disabled persons.

Accomodation can be reserved on an individual room basis or for larger groups, the entire house can be booked.

Vilaplana: Tarragona

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Adress: C/ Àngel Guimerà, 9
Location: 43380 Vilaplana - Tarragona - Spain
Phone: +34 687 41 58 98
Fax: +34 97 781 51 60
GPS: 41º 13' 43" N-- 01º 02' 02" E
E-mail: latartrana@latartrana.com